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Title: A proposta curricular para o ensino de língua portuguesa no Estado do RIo de Janeiro do início do século XXI : uma orquestra discursiva de vozes
Keywords: Educação;  Linguagem;  Língua portuguesa;  Estudo e ensino;  Currículo;  Proposta curricular;  Língua portuguesa;  Discurso;  Concepção dialógica de linguagem;  Rio de Janeiro (RJ);  Curricular proposal;  Portuguese language;  Discourse;  Dialogical conception of language
Issue Date: 28-Mar-2008
Abstract: The present project of research aims at investigating how the official speech of Secretaria Estadual de Educação do Rio de Janeiro about the teaching of Portuguese Language at state public schools is organized. It also aims at understanding how the discursive voice which articulate this discourse, considering that the teacher is a privileged reader. To do so, the curricular proposal for the teaching of the Portuguese Language, produced in the document of Curricular Reorientation given to schools in 2006, is taken as object of analysis, including the Didactic Materials elaborated by the teachers. In this proposal, the discourse of the official document concerning the valued conception of language and the teaching of language is object of analysis, taking into account its end, that is, the reader. This study takes as methodological strategy the documental analysis, using the sociohistorical approach in the qualitative research of bathkinian inspiration. The theoretical basis that supports this research is Mikhail Bakhtin s theory of enunciation. According to the author, it is assumed that the language is essencially dialogical, that discourses are characterized by the diversity of voices and that the Curricular Reorientation is a discursive genre.
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