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Title: Alfabetização de jovens e adultos no contexto das desigualdades sociais e da violência estrutural brasileira : o Programa Brasil Alfabetizado no Estado do Piauí
Keywords: Educação;  Políticas públicas;  Políticas educacionais;  Movimentos instituintes;  Alfabetização de adultos;  Brasil alfabetizado;  Educação de jovens e adultos
Abstract: This work presents the young and adult illiteracy in Brazil, since social unequalities and symbolical and structural violence commited against the poors in our country. In the literacy case, this violence appears as by the historic denial of the young and adult people s education right as by the low quality of its supply, considering that this public is composed mainly of workers, poors, black, underemployees, oppressed and excluded people. Since the field research realized at the Piauí State that presents one of the worst Human Development Rates of the country and is the second State in illiteracy rate among people with 15 or more years old , the work analyzes the literacy supply at the Brasil Alfabetizado Program ambit and intends to answer next and others questions: Why Brasil Alfabetizado Program must not to repeat the model of the great literacy drives realized in our country at the last five decades? Why the literacy must be thinked as part of educacional policies that aim the continued education of young and adult people? How important is to think the educacional policies together with social policies? Wich is the necessary graduation to an educator that aspires to provide literacy to young and adult people? Why the young and adult illiterad studend must not to be regarded simply as a needy?
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