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Title: Diálogos entre a infância dos educadores e os educadores de infância: dizeres que instituem práticas de formação
Other Titles: Dialogue between teachers childhood and children s teachers: discourses that institute formation practices
Keywords: Educação;  Políticas públicas;  Movimentos instituintes;  Infância;  Educação infantil;  Formação de educadores;  Narrativa;  Education;  Childhood;  Narrative;  Teachers
Issue Date: 20-Apr-2007
Abstract: The images represented in the dialogues between teachers childhood and children s teachers had concerned, in the scope of this doctorate research, an attempt to congregate, through pieces of teacher s memories, two categories, that were considered distinct: childhood and teachers. So, we decide to question in this research, the places of memories in childhood teacher s formation. The aim was to work these articulated categories that could help us to understand how the experiences narratives of some infancies (teachers infancies, imagined infancies, infancies on the stories) could change thoughts and affective memories in the process of teacher formation. The W. Benjamin and Bakthin s studies about Narrative and Language had been good tools in the process of analysis of eight interviews in three public institutions of child education in Brazil-Portugal axle. The methodology utilized make possible the construction of analysis indicators capable to illuminate hidden infancies in the voices of these educators. The difficulties of the meeting between teachers childhood and children s teachers had brought the possibility to know, through its narratives of life, the narrow relation about different histories of the childhood on the humanity and coincident histories of teachers childhood in its daily ones. Also, these meetings had brought the chance for these professionals to question the place of childhood, the popular culture and narratives in their educative practices.
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