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Title: Narrativas muito ordinárias: fragmentos indiciários da trajetória escolar de homens gueis
Keywords: Educação;  narrativas;  homoerotismo;  cotidiano;  Education;  narratives;  homoerotism;  daily
Issue Date: 21-Sep-2007
Abstract: In this doctorate theory I was with effeminate gueis men. The work presents a study on the nuances of the homoerótica in the school existence. Of subjects specific for that work, I tried to extract fragments from narratives that if consubstancialism in memoirs. Of the theoretical point of view - methodological, the work grows starting from formulations on the daily, of the technique of oral history and of indications the insights ginsburguianos. With them I articulated what denominate "unit of intention", a form of working with several authors under the possibility of together to demonstrate relevance the heuristic of my problem. At the end, I say that my subject of research win space in the existence school. For besides they be treated permanently as vile, their histories demonstrate that you/they win space starting from inventive practices, cunnings, tactics and that you/they promote a movement in the faiths and desires of others that compose the school. All the discovery effort, of pointing indications of the studied phenomenon is priorly related to the school, because the dynamics of the institution is produced by pedagogic practices intentionally worked, constituted by relationships of power and that you/they conform certain corporification practices in those political pedagogies.
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