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Title: Visualização de vegetação em terrenos utilizando técnicas dependentes da posição do observador
Keywords: Computação;  Visualizadores de terreno;  Imagem digital por satélite;  Modelagem de objetos 3D;  Renderização em tempo real;  Computer science;  Featured terrain visualization;  Digital satellite image;  3D objects modeling;  Real time rendering;  Image based rendering
Issue Date: 24-Nov-2008
Abstract: Terrain visualization with objects has become an important tool with a large number of applications in many different knowledgement fields. However, the usage og such tools are still limited, because there are many cases where complex and real informations must be handled. In such conditions, a large amount of data are expected and even modern graphical resources are not capable to deal with it constantly, consisting in a big challenge to graphical computing. This qoerk shoews how to build a complex visualization of three dimensioned terrains by extracting a large number of vegetation data from its own digital satellite images. It shows also how can we store and visualize these data, according to complexes data structures like a quadtree. Thus, the main objective of this dissertation is to present solutions to some of these problems by investigating and analysing different ways of making the whole visualization process viable, even if a large amount of objects is used. To be more specific, this work deals with the problem of terrain visualization with a large number of vegetation features extracted for real satellite images.
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