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Title: Efeito da talidomida e da pentoxifilina na produção do fator de necrose tumoral alfa (tnf-a) e gama inteferon (inf-g) na carcinogênese mamária em ratas wistar
Keywords: Carcinogênese mamária;  TNF-a;  Pentoxifilina;  Talidomida;  Neoplasia da mama;  Fatores de necrose tumoral;  UFF-Produção intelectual;  Patologia Investigativa
Abstract: Amongst the malignant neoplasias the breast cancer has been the responsible one for the biggest indices of mortality in the world, what it makes with that research for the development of new therapeutic is stimulated in the whole world. For such, animal models are alternative to test these new possibilities. In this work, primary tumors had been induced in rats to wistar through the gastric method of gavage, using 7,12 dimetilbenzoanthraceno (DMBA), and homologous cells of the tumor most representative had been transplanted for other rats of the same species. The animals had been divided in 3 groups, dealt with talidomide, pentoxifiline and a group that treatment did not receive. Still, Immunhistochemie technique was used to evaluate the cellular multiplication and the method of enzymatic Assay immunology (ELISA) to evaluate the serum levels of the Factor of necrosis tumoral-a (TNF-a) and Interferon-? (INF-?). The animals dealt with talidomide had lesser tumoral development and reduction of the serum levels of TNF-a when compared those dealing with pentoxifiline and with not treated. The serum levels of INF -? if had not modified in the treat animals when compared with the animal ones it has controlled. The action of the talidomide in the imunomodulation of the production of TNF-a and in the reduction of the mitotic process suggests this drug as potential and important therapeutic alternative in the treatment of the breast cancer
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