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Title: Uso do elemento Onde : trajetória e funcionalidade
Keywords: Letras;  Língua portuguesa;  Gramática;  Funcionalismo (Linguística)
Issue Date: 2-Mar-2009
Abstract: Analysis of the item onde (where) with focus in observation what the most common uses, if the principle of extensão imagética instantânea (Votre, 2006) would be applied to the element, if onde (where) composes a prefabricated combination (Erman e Warren, 2000) and also to identify the textual sequences in which would be more common to find some values of the term. Qualitative analysis based on North-American Functionalist Linguistic theoretical line, with attention to traditional approach and other historical- functionalist studies about the item. The chosen corpus (personal letters written from XVI to XX centuries) proceeded from the site and also from a collection of letters written by Mario de Andrade and Manuel Bandeira, what make possible establishing patterns of occurrences of the researched element.
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