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Title: Uma imagem vale mais que mil palavras: a identidade sociocultural da mulher na comédia italiana
Keywords: Letras;  Estudos de linguagem;  Linguística aplicada;  Identidade sociocultural feminina;  Multiculturalismo;  Filmes;  Comédia italiana;  Female sociocultural identity;  Multiculturalism;  Italian comedy movies
Issue Date: 20-Feb-2009
Abstract: The present paper aimed at analysing three fiction feature-films, which belonged to the Italian comedy genre, in order to identify sociocultural identity signs of the Italian woman from the 1940 s so far. It presupposed that the Italian people are historically multicultural, especially the Italian woman who presents several sociocultural identities revealed in the movies that are on focus in this work. As a starting point, the analysis was done by delimitating three categories: Discourse, Gestures and Expression. Besides, female characters were analysed in their private and public universes so that it was possible to observe their speech, gestures and expressions in their homes and also in public atmosphere. So sociocultural signs could be detected and join this research as the main object, that is, the Italian women from the past and the ones in the present world, in a way that it can be possible to improve these concepts related to the female identities of contemporaneous women in the Western world. The sociocultural situation these women face nowadays, that is, the amount of tasks which they end up having to perform as mothers, wives, housewives and workers, simply prove that sociocultural data can be analysed by the observation and focus on fiction feature-films of the Italian comedy genre. By working on this paper, points related to theories of identity studies could be detected since the Renaissance up to now, as well as the multiculturality of the Italian people and the history of the Italian cinema. The underlying theory on this paper is based on Critical Applied Linguistics (CAL) concepts which emphasize the importance of critical and problematizing researches in order to help the redescription of social life, in the light of fragmentation, heterogeneity and complexity of the contemporaneous social individual.
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