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Title: Reutilizar - nova proposta ou retorno (in)viável a práticas antigas?
Keywords: Ciência ambiental;  Educação ambiental;  Resíduo sólido;  Reaproveitamento;  Reutilização;  Solid waste;  Reuse;  Environmental education
Issue Date: 10-Jan-2006
Abstract: This study discusses how The Three Rs practicing suggestions are being presented and applied, aimming solid waste minimisation, taking into special consideration reduction and reuse. It has been detected that the concepts concerned to the 3 Rs are not clearly defined or are misunderstood in several proposals, sometimes they seem to be distinct actions and sometimes they look like similar practices or symnonimous. Starting from the analysis of many environmental educational issues used to present the 3 Rs matter, this work tried to exploit the examples given comparing them to those past habits that preceeded the throwaway era and mass consumption. Therefore this work is expected to be contributing to a better understanding of the subject and to improve environmental educational strategies. Based on the comparison of the old and the new practices, it is a goal to determine whether these proposals are new practicing or a return to the old ways and how possible its implementation is.
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