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Title: Água : proposta de adequação socioambiental do seu uso na subbacia do Rio Imboaçu - região hidrográfica da Baía de Guanabara, RJ
Keywords: Ciência ambiental;  Gestão ambiental;  Gestão de recursos hídricos;  São Gonçalo (RJ);  Rio Imboaçu;  Bacia hidrográfica;  Problemas sócio-ambientais;  Região Hidrográfica da Baía de Guanabara (RHBG);  Management of hydro resources;  Imboaçu river;  Municipality of São Gonçalo;  Hydrographic region of the Bay of Guanabara (RHBG)
Abstract: The environmental question rose up in the global scenario, when developed countries perceived that the economic grow up resulted in waste and impoverishment of natural resources. Several events were realized to implement a global environmental policy, which aimed conservation and sustainability of natural environments. In what concerns hydro resources, Brazil implemented the first water regulamentantion named código das águas , in 1934, wich was limited. Only in 1997 a complete proposal on water resource management was developed. The Policy of Hydrological Resources adopted in Brazil is executed centered on the Hydrographic Basins. In this respect, the present study concerns the Bay of Guanabara basin that possesses16 municipalities. The sub-basin of the river Imboaçu is part of it, and is totally localized in the urban area of the Municipality of São Gonçalo (RJ). Thus in the same way as the municipality, the sub-basin is heavily peopled, and the river highly degraded in most of its extension, not even being recognized by the nearby inhabitants as a river, but yes as an open-sky sewage. The river Imboaçu is however still navigable near the mangrove, and is used by fishers to reach the Bay of Guanabara. Its sources are still well preserved, being even used by neighbor s people, as those sources are found in a conservation unit, the Environmental Municipal Protection Area of Engenho Pequeno (APAM-EP). This work brings a detailed socioenvironmental and socioeconomic study of the river Imboaçu subbasin, describes two new sources, two new affluents not found on the map, elaborated the first map of the APAM-ES and comes up with a proposal to contribute to the management of the sub-basin, a proposal that might even be broadened to the entire municipality.
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