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Title: O que os olhos não vêem... Práticas e políticas em Educação Infantil no Rio de Janeiro
Keywords: Infância;  Políticas Sociais;  Educação;  Childhood;  Social policies;  Education
Abstract: The scope of this work is to investigate early childhood education assumed by the local educational system of Rio de Janeiro city since the political re-democratization period, which was consolidated by the promulgation of 1988 Federal Constitution of Brazil and its applicable legislation. In view of the need to learn about the public policies implemented in this field, the aims of the study are: to clarify the social policies established by the Brazilian government since the 1970 s for children aged 0 to 6 years; to analyze the linkage among the social policies directed to attending pre-schooling children, establishing the inter-relations between Education and Social Assistance; and to focus on the experience of Rio de Janeiro city in early childhood education, highlighting the actions development in day nursery modality. Field research for the study was performed between 2004 and 2005, with methodologies based on case study and analysis of contents, involving, among other activities, visits to 19 public day care centers. Personal contacts with nearly 300 professionals allowed for elaborating analyses about the repercussions of both dimensions of the study in this field: care and education.
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