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Title: Valoração econômica da arborização: a valoração dos serviços ambientais para a eficiência e manutenção do recurso ambiental urbano
Keywords: Arborização;  Administração pública, Atividades de assessoria e consultoria às empresas;  Desenvolvimento urbano;  Afforestation, Public administration;  Advisory and consultancy activities of businesses;  Urban Development
Abstract: Urban tree cover in the city of Rio de Janeiro constitutes one of its distinctive landscape features; however, the positive effect of trees on the urban environment and on the welfare of its inhabitants is not yet recognized by the local government or its population. In the current of urban forestry management a larger volume of budgetary resources is destined toward tree pruning than toward tree preservation, the latter being more pertinent for urban green space enhancement. The dissertation proposes an Urban Forestry Plan, which includes carbon accounting and economic values, to more adequately represent the contributions of tree s environment functions and services for the community, and to change the attitudes and routine of urban tree cover management. A preliminary study of economic valuation of trees in the urban landscape, using hedonic models, confirmed the hypothesis of the positive effect of the presence of street trees on the supply price of residential properties, demonstrating that for each unit addition to the variable "number of large public trees" R$ 399,97 is added to the average apartment price in the Recreio dos Bandeirantes neighborhood. Based on this estimate, the value of R$ 1.351.898,86 was derived for urban tree cover in this area, while management and control of trees imply an annual cost of only approximately 13% of this value. This estimated value for public forestry thus becomes a parameter to motivate the definition of an Urban Forestry Plan based on carbon accounting, which will securely generate significant environmental, economic and social benefits
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