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Title: Língua, ensino e nacionalidade no Instituto de Educação do Rio de Janeiro (1880-1932): uma contribuição à História das Idéias Linguísticas
Keywords: Letras;  Estudos linguísticos;  Linguística;  História;  Língua portuguesa;  Análise do discurso;  Aspecto histórico;  Estudo e ensino;  História das idéias linguísticas;  Escola normal;  Instituto de Educação;  Brasil;  Rio de Janeiro (RJ);  1880 - 1932;  History of linguistic ideas in Brazil;  Teachers qualification school;  Education Institute of Rio de Janeiro;  Portuguese language;  Discourse analysis
Issue Date: 3-Jul-2008
Abstract: This study, affiliated to the project History of Linguistic Ideas in Brazil, is the result of a research which aims at understanding the linguistic ideas which were current at Escola Normal (Teachers Qualification School) of Rio de Janeiro since its foundation as Escola Normal do Município da Corte (Teachers Qualification School of the Court) in 1880, until 1932, when it was incorporated by Instituto de Educação do Rio de Janeiro (Education Institute of Rio de Janeiro), established in that year. For such a task, we have analyzed the discourse performance of the Education Institute s teaching syllabuses during that historical period, observing in the research corpus the knowledge about the Portuguese Language, the image of language which the Teachers Qualification School wanted to project, what was taught about the language and how it was done. The ideas which this study brings to reflection have as their theoretical and methodological basis the Discourse Analysis from the French school, according to Pêcheux and Orlandi. Guided by the concepts which this theory discusses, this study consisted of trying to establish a relation between the discourses about the Portuguese Language in those syllabuses and the social and historical conditions which determined the production of one sense rather than of others.
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