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Title: A estratégia de valorização da mulher de meia-idade na nova sociedade do espetáculo.
Keywords: Análise de discurso;  imaginário, beleza;  rosto;  beleza feminina;  estética;  propaganda;  Discourse analysis;  imaginary;  beauty;  face
Issue Date: 22-Mar-2006
Abstract: This paper aims at understanding the new concept of female beauty that is rooted at the appreciation of the beauty of middle-aged-women. Based on the French Discourse Analysis, and by means of the analysis of nine publicity pieces of the products CHRONOS and RENEW, we aimed at the understanding the ideological questions vehicled by the media that groups women around the imaginary idea that it is possible to live happiness in middleage. The media, in charge of spreading the image of faces of seducing middle-aged women who are happy with their image, instills into the consumer the physical image that society yearns for. The perfect body, then, finds its place which is socially determined by the exhibition of faces that are culturally registered in the practice of consumerism, that determines the purchase of one or another product. Such purchase, however, without innocent choice, is related to some social practices that drive the public towards an identification with CHRONOS or RENEW. Considering those questions, we bend our steps to ideological ways materialized in discourses which are fabricated by the media and which establish, in this century, the moral of the show.
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