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Title: SCGT: um conceito de geração de tráfego distribuído
Keywords: Fluxos de tráfego;  Geradores de tráfego;  Desempenho de redes;  Traffic Flow;  Traffic Generation;  Networks Performance
Issue Date: 4-Jul-2008
Abstract: The growing demand for environment of active measurement for computer networks, motivated several research groups to endeavor in the development and adaptation of tools, which format the representation of information through the use of Web Services. In spite of the existent of a great number of traffic flow generation tools, little work was carried out in this direction. This work presents the SCGT (System of Coordenation Generation for Synthetic Traffic) system, which consists of a solution for active measurement, integrating traffic generators, with the most varied characteristics. This system is available, through the Service Web, with measures related to performance of high speed networks, allowing the generation of simultaneous and scheduled traffics, through one or more stations of work. Beside that, it supplies a quite friendly interface for the final users.
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