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Title: Discursos sobre/de tradução no Brasil: línguas e sujeitos
Keywords: Análise do discurso;  Tradução e interpretação;  Política;  Língua;  Discourse analysis;  Translation and interpretation;  Politics;  Language
Issue Date: 4-Aug-2009
Abstract: This thesis has as its object of study the discourse about translation in Brazil in the second half of the twentieth century. The work was based on the theoretical framework of Discourse Analysis as conceived by Michel Pêcheux and on Brazilian theoretical constructions affiliated to it. The question of the discourses of/about translation in Brazil was tackled based on the works of Orlandi (1990), discourse about Brazil, and Mariani (1998), discourse about communism. The effort was made in order to bring out some theoretical concepts that were nearer the discussions developed around the question of translation, among them, the concepts of authorship, discursive heterogeneity, in an approach to the process of translation stemming from a discourse-oriented point of view. As an analytical device, the effort was to clip out what was related to the question of fidelity, the mother tongue, foreign language, the Brazilian language, the national language, Brazilian and foreigner. We analyzed different kinds of texts and concluded that the practice of translation is a complex intermingling of representations made by the translator of what the original text is, increased by myriads of other meanings with which the translator deals. Discursively, the concept of fidelity would function as an attempt to stabilize these meanings as an effort to prevent new meanings from appearing or accepted meanings from receiving undesirable interpretations. Translation is made on the political edge of language and it always wages a political dispute between languages over the space for expression
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