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Title: Análise da estrutura da rede de pacotes do sistema operacional Debian GNU/LINUX
Keywords: Linux (Sistema operacional de computador);  Análise de redes;  Produção intelecual;  Grafos;  Redes;  Linux (Computer Operating System);  Network analysis;  Production intellectual;  Graphs;  Networks
Issue Date: 2-Apr-2009
Abstract: The Debian GNU/Linux operational system is known by managing packages and its dependencies since the very first years of Linux, allowing the study of its network according to the precedence of the packages installation in this system. A closer examination of its structure is performed as study of directed graphs, extracting features such as degree distribution, the propagation of bugs in its structure, betweenness centrality and clustering coefficient. We observe changes in the structure of development through the Debian distributions: stable, testing and unstable. We analyzed the processes of the system formation by the detection of modular structures within this network and previously tested in other ones as social networks using other methodologies as modularity spectral and modularisation by simulated annealing. We found that such structures are built around the most basic packages in the system.
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