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Title: Estratégias de aprendizagem e materiais didáticos de língua estrangeira: elaboração, integração, ensino e percepção
Keywords: Linguística;  Língua inglesa;  Estudo e ensino;  Ensino de língua estrangeira;  Aprendizagem;  Material didático;  Linguistic;  English;  Study and teaching;  Teaching foreign language;  Learning;  Instructional materials
Issue Date: 21-Aug-2009
Abstract: This study aims at achieving a better understanding of the teaching of language learning strategy in instructional materials in foreign language teaching, focusing on the process of integration of learning strategies in materials. The research is based on the primary premise that learning strategies can be taught in order to develop skills to learn to learn and the strategic orchestration, and, as a consequence, to contribute to the learning and use of a foreign language, inside and outside the classroom, in a more reflective and autonomous way. In the first phase, student reported their use of learning strategies. In the second phase, instructional materials were developed with the integration of learning strategies through explicit/direct teaching and used as complementary materials in an English classroom in a university course of Languages (Portuguese-English). The development of the materials was documented, mainly through diaries. In the third phase, students reported their strategy use after the materials. Finally, in the fourth phase, data about students` perceptions of the strategies and the materials were collected. The research methodology was a qualitative ethnographic study, including different instruments for data collection, such as diaries, interviews and questionnaires. Data analysis is discussed in three parts: a) comparison of student`s reported use of learning strategies, before and after the adoption of the materials; b) analysis and characterization of the development of the materials and; c) identification of students` perceptions. Results indicated an increase in strategy use after the use of the instructional materials. The analysis of the diaries provides a discussion about theoretical and practical aspects concerning the materials development. Finally, students` feedback are presented and discussed.
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