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Title: Mercado e tradição : os colunistas esportivos e a construção da identidade da seleção brasileira de futebol na Copa de 2002
Keywords: Identidade nacional;  Brasil;  Jornalismo esportivo;  Calazans;  Kfouri;  Tostão;  Tradição;  Mercado;  Tradition;  Market
Abstract: The aim of this research is to analyse the identity of the Brazilian National Team, which is disputed by two distint fields: the tradicionalists and the moderns . It is done by analisyng critically three of the most reknown columnists from Brazilian newspapers: Fernando Calazans (O Globo), Tostão (Jornal do Brasil) e Juca Kfouri (Lance!). They were chosen as representatives of an interpretative community of journalists and affiliates, which belong to a group that supports the representation of such identity linked to tradicional values. Due to this vision, the columnists show their strangeness regarding new paradigms based in market values. The sample chosen is the 2002 Cup, which took place in Japan and South Korea. In order to follow, it is analysed the columns written during that Cup and, additionally, the period immediately before and after that competition, as well as an other moment whenever it reveals pertinent. Besides the empiric material, some fundamental theoretic presuppositions were followed, such as: the criticism in a society guided by an auto-regularized market ideology (POLANYI, 2000); the actions of hegemons to remain its power (HARVEY, 2005); the economy of symbolic changes (BOURDIEU, 1974); the memory social function (HALBWACHS, 1990); the memory of surviving groups (POLLACK, 1992); the interpretative community (TRAQUINA, 2002); the definition of a national identity related to its outer things (ORTIZ, 2006), that dialogues with the understanding of subject identities as part of a cultural process. (HALL, 1997).
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