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Title: Ação, tradição e organização : a evolução do conceito de partido do PCB ao PCBR, ALN e PCdoB. (1962-1979)
Keywords: Brasil;  Política e governo;  Ação Libertadora Nacional (Brasil);  Partido político;  Partido Comunista Brasileiro;  Luta armada;  Teoria de organização;  Leninismo;  Castro-guevarismo;  Maoísmo;  Organizing theory;  Leninism;  Castro-guevarism;  Maoism
Issue Date: 9-May-2008
Abstract: The present paper analises the process of the inner dissident trends of the Brazilian Comunist Party (PCB) comprehending the elapsed period between the years of 1962 1968 as well as the dynamics which grounded the outcome of the political organizationsderived from these internal disagreements: the Comunist Party of Brazil (PCdoB), the National Liberation Action (ALN) and the Revolutionary Comunist Brazilian Party (PCBR). Primarily, it is developed the concept of party organization as stated by the theoretical works of Lenine and Gramsci. Folllowing that, the stalinism and its interconnection with the Guidelines of the III International the Komintern - adopted by the PCB. The split up process of the above referred organizations is analised departing from the evolution concerning the discussions of political/organic oriented guidelines inside the PCB, especially the quarrels involving the legalization and the peaceful path towards the socialism. Furthermore, it is also taken into account the impact among communist activists reflecting the Cuban and Chinese revolutions, their internal entanglements on the organic forms and the concrete steps taken by the Chinese and Cuban states in order to exhert na overwhelming influence on the internal communist movement. Finally, one concludes the assumption of the same political praxis generated in the PCB embraced by these three organizations although in different ways.. Thus, it is not only the the PCB legacy itself which actually matters but what each organization taken solely considers as most important above all.
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