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Title: O plebiscito de 1963 : inflexão de forças na crise orgânica dos anos sessenta
Keywords: Brasil;  Política e governo - 1961-1964;  Referendum;  Plebiscito de 1963;  Crise orgânica;  História política;  Goulart, João, 1918-1976
Issue Date: 18-Mar-2009
Abstract: This task dicuss the strifes from João Goulart (1961-1964)and from an ample of politic forces for the liquidation of the parlamental system. This one was instituited in a casuistry form after the politic crisis provoked by the renunciation of Jânio Quadros in august 1961, and the atempt of the military ministers to imped the vice-president, João Goulart, to take charge of the federal Executive. In the constitucional emendation that instituited the parlamentarism (the Aditional Act), was foreseen the realization of a plebiscite (or referendum), in 1965 commecement, which would decide for the continuity or not of the new system government. Since his possesion, Goulart made transparent his intention of antecipate the referendum and return brevely to presidencialist system. For that, he counted with the help from the politic liderences interested in concour in the presidential elections with 1965, like Magalhães Pinto, Juscelino Kubistschek, Leonel Brizola, left politics forces, like comunists and labours - that applied importants entitys of the sindical and popular moviments - yonder nacionalists militarys and some sectors from the press. In september 15 of 1962, that political forces obtained that the Congress approve the antecipation of the popular consultation to the january 6 of 1963, when the parlamentarism was rejected by the larger part of the electors, in a proportion of five in six.
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