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Title: O desenvolvimento histórico do tempo socialmente necessário para a formação profissional : do modelo correcional-assistencialista das Escolas de Aprendizes Artífices ao modelo tecnológico-fragmentário
Keywords: Ensino profissional;  Política educacional
Issue Date: 16-Mar-2004
Abstract: The historical development of the duration of the professional formation is a social construction that can be perceived, not only by the pedagogical models, but also by the pedagogies that are in its base. The pedagogies of the Primary Republic (1909-1942), Structuring State (1942-1994) and Neoliberal Estate (1994-2002) have, each one in its way, characteristics that allow them to delineate, in their specific time, that they based themselves in their respective levels of mercantilism and degrees of proximity and accordance with the accumulation process and the technicalproductive development. According to our research at Technological Federal Education Center at Espírito Santo State (CEFET-ES) there are periods and models of formation that also become socially necessary and that are influenced in a different way, in each historical phase, by the same moviments inherent in the accumulation process. These pedagogical patterns result of the types of mediations practiced by the levels of power in the cohesion of the social organism that materializes itself in the organization of the educative and productive processes. Then, more than the simple duration of the courses, this period, when perceived as time socially necessary for the insertion in the productive life, summarizes the rooting elements of the whole pedagogical and economic policy. These policies, in their turn, are related to a type of productive insertion, either in case of the graduated students or in case of the proper country, revealing, then, the nature of the most wide national projects.
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