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Keywords: Indicadores;  Sustentabilidade;  Desenvolvimento sustentável;  Sustentabilidade ambiental;  Indústria de petróleo;  Indicators;  Sustainability;  Sustainable development;  Environmental sustainability;  Oil Industry
Issue Date: 11-Dec-2008
Abstract: Taking notice about the crucial questions on the environment that involves the discussion about the climatic changes, energy consume, water, waste generation, (effluent spill) and safety energy, which can mean expressive impacts to the petroleum industry, some companies have been taking initiative (enterprise) in order to create a consistent strategy to the management and to the implementation of practices to the environment performance. The uplift and the exhibition of numbers have been the firs steps at the management of petroleum companies when related to environment issues. This practice has representing the name of companies that took leadership action in a social and environmental responsibility at the oleo and gas sections. The current work reports the indicators of the environment accomplishment published by a group of 8 (eight) big petroleum corporations, SIGNITÁRIAS of the Global Reporting Initiative GRI, in their records of sustainability from 2003 to 2007, that is one of the global initiatives to communicate the results socio environmental of this companies to the community. The research not only covers the verification of the illustration degree of the environment sustainability indicators selected for this study (consolidated per year) and reported by these companies, but also presents the main practices adopted from the companies selected to the research that has been taking to a likely increase of their environment performance. Based on the results obtained, it can considerate in a general way that the companies had an operational development that can be considered low when compared with the consolidated results presented, despite of the uncountable practices adopted by the companies. Under the individual aspect, was taken for notice that from the 8 (eight) companies studied, 3(three) had shown relevant improvements to the environment performance, co-related to the investments at the changes on the productive process, to the adoption of new technologies, and at the business management. The adhesion percentage to the indicators selected is on a high-level and the group of indicators proposed by the GRI meets, mostly, the main issues and society concerns about the industries operation in a general way, and from the petroleum business, in a particular way. About the major practices adopted by the selected companies to the research , the study reveled that the companies are engaged in simplify and in make it rational their intern process, making changes at the projects and putting on projects that privileged the environment issues through the Evaluation of Environment and Industry Prosecution program, that is consisted not only at the way to measure the effectiveness of the conservation procedures and the optimization of the natural resources used, but the environment measures to control adopted by companies as well.
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