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Title: Domínios e Império : o Tratado de 1825 e a Guerra da Cisplatina na construção do Estado no Brasil
Keywords: História do Brasil;  Império, 1822-1889;  Cisplatina, Guerra da, 1825-1828;  Regência de D. Pedro, 1821-1822;  Relações internacionais;  Primeiro reinado;  Identidade;  Nação;  Estado;  Poder
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2007
Abstract: This research analyses the War of the Cisplatina and its connection with the construction of the Brazilian Imperial State. That conflict had beginning after the recognition of the autonomy politics of Brazil, for Treated to Peace and the Friendship, firmed in 29th August,1825 with English mediation. We try to present the importance of the War of the Cisplatina, first international conflict of Independent Brazil, for the internal and external politics of the Empire, in the first quarter of the Nineteen Century. We indicate that such event was not motivated exclusively by the territorial question, having been a resource distinguished for the affirmation of the Sovereignty of the new State and the authority of D. Pedro I.
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