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Title: Uma proposta para definição de uma relação priorizada de projetos para serem implantados por uma operadora de telecomunicações
Keywords: Projetos de OSS;  Apoio multicritério à decisão;  Método ElectreIV;  Telecomunicação;  Sistema de suporte à operação;  OSS projects;  Multi-criteria decision aiding;  Electre IV
Issue Date: 14-Jul-2009
Abstract: This work compares two distinct approaches in solving the same problem: build a ranking of OSS projects that should be implemented by a telecommunication company within a period of time. In the first case the method that helps the decision maker is completely intuitive. In the second case, it is used a formal decision aided method, based in the Multiple Criteria Decision Aid (MCDA). The results identify the advantages of using a formal decision aid method, however they don t indicate whether using the proposed method, one will get the unique or the best solution for solving the problem. This work shows that the usage of a scientific method for decision aid will bring to the decision maker more information quantity and quality, witch will help the action of choice, reducing the process instability and increasing the success chance of the adopted option.
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