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Title: "Eles" e "Elas" entre as comédias e as mentiras da vida privada : o MAS e o SE e as identidades de gênero em crônicas de Luis Fernando Veríssimo
Keywords: Linguística;  Semiolinguística;  Crônica brasileira;  Estereótipos;  Conectores;  Linguistic;  Semiolinguistic;  Brazilian chronicle;  Stereotypes;  Connectors
Issue Date: 8-Dec-2009
Abstract: This research focuses on the study of chronicles by Luis Fernando Verissimo. It intends to analyze the way in which male and female stereotypes are stressed and/or dismantled based on humor and on the connectors but and if in their different nuances. The theoretical account is grounded on the Semiolinguistic Theory of Charaudeau (1992, 2008) and on the study of connectors in several perspectives, such as that of Ducrot and Anscombre (1983), Charaudeau (1992) and Sweetser (1990). As to the investigation of humor, the works of Bergson (1983) and Almeida (1999, 2001) are considered. Concerning the concepts of ethos and stereotypes, in general and in relation to men and women, the works of Lysardo- Dias (2007), Charaudeau and Maingueneau (2006), Bassanezi (2007), and others are depicted. The research corpus is formed by selected chronicles from As mentiras que os homens contam (2001) and O melhor das comédias da vida privada (2004), two famous books by Verissimo gathering texts which describes, mostly, the relationship between men and women. This study aims at depicting how a socially spread text genre produced by an acknowledged author approaches the images of men and women in society. The research results achieved indicate that language, a symbolic device by nature, actively participates in this process whether reaffirming or rebuilding discourses which are fabricated and spread by its use. Becoming aware of language creating power and inferring the meaning multiplicity it triggers based on the chronicles by Verissimo may, at least, contribute to form more proficient readers and more critical citizens, conscious of the ideological dynamics of society.
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