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Title: Incursões pela gênese do romance "Memórias sem malícia de Gudesteu Rodovalho", de Gilberto de Alencar
Keywords: Alencar, Gilberto de, 1886-1961;  Crítica e interpretação;  Memórias sem malícia de Gudesteu Rodovalho;  Memórias;  Crítica textual;  Arquivo de escritor;  Crítica genética;  Literatura brasileira;  Erasures;  Memories;  Variants;  Genetic criticism;  Textual criticism
Issue Date: 16-Apr-2010
Abstract: This paper aims at to present a critical text and some aspects of Gilberto de Alencar s creation process into a previously chosen corpus from his novel Memórias sem malícia de Gudesteu Rodovalho from two manuscript that we ll call manuscript (MsA), manuscript (MsB) and two printed editions: the first one, of 1946, sponsored by the author himself and printed by Gazeta Commercial de Juiz de Fora, the second one, of 1957, printed by Agir Editions from Rio de Janeiro. Considering that the textual criticism aims at the ways of the edited text and the genetic criticism at the creation of the text itself, we tried to follow step by step the author s creation. Therefore we proceeded to the handwritten comparison of the genetic dossier witch is formed by four documents: two manuscripts and two life editions. By means of the register of the variants and a study of the erasures we tried to show the alterations basically understood by the four erasures functions in a text such as: to substitute, to add, to suppress and to displace words expressions and paragraphs then relating the erased segments with the text as a whole. The annex was filled with concerning data to complementary documentation related directly to the analyzed documents in the dossier. The contact with the author s work manuscript helps to preserve the social history of man in his cultural trajectory.
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