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Title: Desenvolvimento de uma sonda optoeletrônica para HF-VHF com compensação da variação da atenuação no enlace de fibra óptica plástica
Keywords: Sonda eletromagnética;  LED;  Antena de laço;  Fibra óptica plástica;  Electromagnetic probe;  LED;  Loop antenna;  Plastic optical fibers
Issue Date: 9-Nov-2009
Abstract: This work describes the experimental development of an optoelectronics probe based on a passive, resonant and tuned loop antenna, for radio signals in the range of MF/HF/VHF, which shows the complete wave format for low frequencies (<45MHz). The light signal comprising DC and RF components is sent through a PMMA (poli methyl methacrylate) plastic optical fiber (POF) to a remote receiver. Three new aspects stood out in the development of the probe: low frequency operation, the use of the POF s technology together with LEDs, typically used in lightning and imaging, as well as the proposal and tests of a new technique used to compensate attenuation variations in the optical link. Near field tests were performed. The probe, when still not precisely calibrated, conveyed &#8776; 62.0 dBµv of dynamic range. Magnetic field strengths as lower as 2 nA/cm were detectable at frequencies responses up to 37 MHz. The probe has also been successfully tested with far fields, with field strengths as low as 0.8 nA/cm. A novel technique to compensate the attenuation variation of the fiber link up to 5.5dB has also been proposed, with successful tests results.
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