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Title: Clarice Lispector e Franz Kafka em cena : não tomar seu santo nome em vão
Keywords: Literatura comparada;  Lispector, Clarice, 1925-1977;  Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924;  Crítica e interpretação;  Clarice Lispector;  Franz Kafka;  Language;  Representation;  Marginalized
Issue Date: 10-Mar-2009
Abstract: In this search I study the context and the theme and four texts: three by Clarice Lispector and one by Franz Kafka. By Clarice I chose the short stories Love and The smallest woman in the world , from Family ties (1960) and the novel The paission according G.H. (1964). By Kafka I chose the short story A report for one academy , from A rural physical (1919). This choice is to show the necessity of to prove three aspects from language that are in the basis of organization of any representation Sistem, for example: The act of named is violent because it can promote marginalized construction, the organized language from the fix of the shape is limited in its representative function, the organized language from flexibilization of the shape is capable to throw light over two previous limitations as well as potencial result.
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