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Keywords: Odontologia do Trabalho;  Saúde e Segurança no Trabalho;  Doenças Ocupacionais;  Sistemas de Gestão;  Labor Dentistry;  Health and Workplace Safety;  Occupational Diseases;  Management Systems
Issue Date: 8-Apr-2010
Abstract: The Labor Dentistry is the subject in evidence in this research, since it is integrated to the Management Systems of Health and Workplace Safety. Therefore, the Labor Dentistry is being contextualized and its relevant importance is being exalted in the scope of Worker s Health Assistance Program at the companies. The goal of this dissertation is to discuss some possible contributions of this specialty related to the worker s performance and quality of life. The methodology consists of two moments: an exploratory research built through a bibliographic review related to the aspects involving the Labor Dentistry and the Management Systems of Health and Workplace Safety, and a qualitative field work among teachers that have already exercised the coordination of specialization course in Labor Dentistry. By and large, the bibliographic review stressed some historical facts, concepts, the building of occupational health, the legal basis that includes the specialty within the social context, as well as the value of oral health at companies and its influence on the rising of production. It has been pointed out that the workers are exposed to specific illnesses, provoking bad consequences in different oral structures. A theoretical reference was searched in order to justify the labor dentist s performance and benefits that can be useful to the Management Systems of Health and Workplace Safety when this person is integrated to the multidisciplinary workgroup of the Expertise Services in Safety Engineering and Labor Medicine. The second issue was exalted by the discussion around the approval of a law project that includes the labor dentist within the work staff described by 4 Regulation Rule and, thus, the need of the companies to construct their health services and workplace safety. Some general aspects, concepts and the special subjects related to the Management Systems of Health and Workplace Safety were presented by the author, moreover the regulation rules with great interest of the specialty and the main reference norms aiming the management system certification. In another context, the field work consisted of an interview, evaluating the thinking of candidates about contemporary subjects of Labor Dentistry and its relation to business management. The final consideration analyses the thinking of candidates about the subject in evidence and the scope identified in the theoretical context, what implicates that the Labor Dentistry is essential to the Management Systems of Health and Workplace Safety.
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