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Title: Um estudo comparativo entre BPSK e QAM, utilizando OFDM, com aplicação aos sistemas móveis de quarta geração
Other Titles: A comparative study between BPSK and QAM using OFDM, with application for the fourth generation mobile systems
Keywords: Sistema de comunicação móvel;  telefonia celular;  modulação digital;  sistema móvel de quarta geração;  Mobile communication system;  cellular telephony;  digital modutalion;  fourth generation mobile system
Issue Date: 9-Jun-2010
Abstract: Mobile networks have picked a better combination of quality and operational services to their users. In recent years it has seen a major breakthrough for the new possibilities for users and also the interest in obtaining these new applications on their devices. This corroborates with the studies done to advance the techniques of signal compression, coding, channel measurements of parameters such as coherence bandwidth and delay spread. Another important study is associated with modulations of a transmission system. To this end, there are some parameters that can be taken to compare one system when using a modulation with the outcome of the same system when using a second modulation. Among the most used are the Bit Error Rate, or BER, the Symbol Error Rate, or SER and the Probability of Error Bits, or BEP. This dissertation takes the output generated from a simulation of a Rayleigh fading channel that transmits through a system of multicarrier (OFDM). What is sought then is to compare the results of this system when using a BPSK modulation with its result when using an M-QAM system, using as parameter the BER of the channel. This research seeks to inspire future studies and dissertations when taking a field measurement of a radio propagation link. That compared with the values presented with the simulation analysis, can generate a good result for the industrial environment in the future we are headed: WIMAX, LTE and the Fourth Generation telephony.
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