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Keywords: água;  responsabilidade social;  uso racional;  sustentabilidade e meio ambiente;  water;  social responsibility;  rational use;  sustainability and the environment
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2009
Abstract: Several studies have addressed the issue of environmental preservation and responsible use of natural resources. Little has been said, however, the responsibility of public companies on this issue. In addition many private companies find themselves motivated to adopt CSR measures that go beyond their original activities. This paper aims to propose measures of economy and rational use of water on campus laboratory of the National Institute of Metrology, Normalization and Industrial Quality (Inmetro) and motivated by the positive impact that such measures will provide the local society, characterizing such measures as social responsibility. For this, the author sought to detect, through field research, the need for adoption of such actions, starting from the standpoint of population living in the vicinity of the institution. Furthermore, there was a documentary research to determine the need and feasibility of technical implementation of such measures. Indicators have been identified for social and environmental responsibility, from ISO 14031, NBR 16001, GRI and ETHOS. At a time when that use economic justifications for the adoption of environmental management and social responsibility by businesses in general, this paper concludes that such measures can and should be part of social responsibility and environmental too of public enterprises, in extent that the positive impacts become measurable and attainable.
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