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Title: A Formação das Agendas Sociais privadas: estudo a partir da questão do trabalho escravo contemporâneo
Keywords: Trabalho escravo;  Responsabilidade social empresarial;  Slavery labor;  Corporate social responsibility
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2010
Abstract: Recently, a movement originated by entities of the third sector gave visibility to the role of companies in the maintenance of an old and hidden problem of the Brazilian society: the contemporary slavery. In this work, we stir up the reflection about the tools used to compel the enterprise sector to fight this issue. As contemporary salve labor we mean, the compulsory form of labor in which the subjects are forbidden of abandon the place of work; are emotionally and physically suppressed and exposed to inhuman conditions of labor. This dissertation examines the inclusion process of this social issue on the social agenda of the companies in Brazil. The engagement of the business community on the combat of this issue is due to the fact that the contemporary slavery shows a perverse logic of the market and for fighting it extremely important that the social responsibility actions of the companies are extended to the control of its productive chains. At this paper we outlight the influence of the social actors, such as national NGOs and ILO for practicing social pressure over the companies, it shows that the discourse of the social responsibility has been used as an argument to induce it to rethink its strategies of profit making and insert permanently the slave labor issue on its agendas.
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