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Title: Deposição de filmes de carbono amorfo hidrogenado por plasma de catodo oco
Keywords: Filmes finos;  Carbono amorfo;  Catodo oco;  Deposição por plasma
Issue Date: 29-Sep-2009
Abstract: This work has the object to study the hydrogenated amorphous carbon films a-C:H deposited by parallel plate hollow cathode plasma in silicon substrate. The results obtained were compared with hydrogenated amorphous carbon films a-C:H deposited by usual PECVD (Plasma Enhances Chemical Vapor Deposition). Stress, hardness, refraction índex, self-bias potential versus RF power, deposition rate and emission optical spectroscopy were measured. The stress increased when the films were deposited by hollow cathode, the hardness didn't have important alteration and the refraction index curve versus self-bias potential presented a way very similar the stress curve. In order to obtain a determinate self-bias potential is necessary a greater RF power when the hollow cathode is used. The H' line intensity curve versus deposition rate is linear and the deposition rate for deposition of films by hollow cathode increased when compared when usual PECVD. We believe that the obtained results occur because in deposition by hollow cathode plasma the density increases if compared with usual PECVD plasma.
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