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Title: Aporte de poluentes atmosféricos na apa de Petrópolis: uso de Modelagem Atmosférica para explicar resultados experimentais
Keywords: Poluentes atmosféricos;  Transporte;  Dispersão;  Deposição atmosférica;  Atmospheric pollutants;  Transport;  Dispersion;  Atmospheric deposition
Issue Date: 14-Feb-2007
Abstract: The APA-Petrópolis, above 863m height in the Sea Mountain - RJ more than 50% of its area covered for Atlantic Forest, which is considered a hot spot of the world-wide biodiversity. High depoitions fluxes of exc-SO42-, NO3- and NH4+ have been found in this region and the major source of these pollutants seems to be the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro (RMRJ), situated near the southern boundary of the APA-Petrópolis. Those are the major chemical species controlling rainwater pH at APA-Petrópolis. The wet deposition flux of NH4+ was higher than that of NO3-. Total deposition (wet + dry) of inorganic N was estimated to be around 14,4 kgN ha-1 year-1. The excess of N in tropical ecosystems can possibly cause damages to the flora and could lead to the extinction of species. The sea-salt fraction predominated for Na+, Mg2+ and Cl- and the non-sea-salt fraction for Ca2+, K+ and SO42-. The non-sea-salt contribution predominates during the wet period.
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