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Title: Cronologia da deposição de elementos-traço nas Baías de Sepetiba e Ilha Grande (RJ)
Keywords: Metais;  Baía de Sepetiba;  Baía da Ilha Grande;  210Pb;  Testemunhos sedimentares;  Estuários;  Fluxos;  Fator de enriquecimento;  Heavy metals;  Sepetiba bay;  Ilha Grande Bay;  210Pb;  Cores sediment;  Flux;  Enrichment factores
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2005
Abstract: Because of industrial development in costal regions, areas not impacted, such as Ilha Grande, became important for studding metals. Due to the lack of studies in this type of area, comparing them with impacted areas is invaluable. In this study, two sediment cores were collected, one in Enseada de Abrão in Ilha Grande Bay and the other in east portion of Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro. By comparing the cores and without a known point sources of contamination in Ilha Grande Bay, it is possible to evaluate the transportation of material from Sepetiba Bay to sediment in Ilha Grande Bay. The concentrations of Al, Ba, Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, V and Zn were determined by ICP/AES analyses. Figures were normalized by Al as an element of reference and for enrichment factors, average values were used as a base. Through 210Pb geochronology, sedimentation rates and metal fluxes were estimated. Vertical profiles of cores SEP01/5 in the Sepetiba Bay showed increasing concentration and flux values starting in the 60´s, when industrialization began, agreeing with values in literature. A correlation withy Al showed that metals are associated with fine grained minerals, justifying the lowering the enrichment factor towards the top of the core, since Al was found in high concentrations in samples after the 60´s. The core in Ilha Grande Bay didn t show increases in metal concentrations beginning in the 60´s. In core BIG02 in Ilha Grande Bay the Al concentrations didn t show any correlation with metals and the enrichment factor did not show increases beginning from the 60´s. Metal fluxes also did not show increases from this decade, indicating the absence of contamination in this area.
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