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Title: A Espanha da multicultura e o ensino-aprendizagem do espanhol como língua estrangeira
Keywords: Ensino-aprendizagem de línguas estrangeiras;  Multiculturalismo espanhol;  Unidades didáticas;  Teaching-learning of foreign languages;  Spanish;  Multiculturalism;  Didactic unities
Issue Date: 26-Feb-2010
Abstract: Taking as a starting point the fact that the teaching-learning process of a language is not limited to the knowledge of different grammatical and lexical aspects, but that it is also related to the multicultural aspects of the target foreign language in this case, Spanish as a foreign language for Brazilian pupils this thesis was guided by the following question: what cultural representations do the cariocas have about Spain? In order to answer it, a questionnaire was developed, whose result confirmed the understanding of a monocultural Spain, which made me define the making up of two didactic unities that would allow the knowledge of varied cultures of Spain. The building up of the theoretical basis that fulfilled the planned objectives was oriented by three axes: teaching-learning, Spanish as a foreign language and culture. Authors such as Moita Lopes, Almeida Filho, Paraquett, Hall, Cuche, Garcia Canclini or McLaren helped to understand better all the possibilities the theme of culture offers to the whole assimilation of the group of aspects related to a specific social universe, elements that can enable the student to use the language s/he intends to learn, making him/her close to the manifold Spanish cultural reality. As a result of the research, it is expected that the thesis contributes to the understanding that the teaching-learning process of a foreign language is a practice that requires the recognition of a difference; it establishes a dialogue between one and the other; and it contributes to the decrease of cultural stereotypes.
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