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Title: Transmissão de sinais OFDM através de fibras ópticas poliméricas (POFs) utilizando LEDs de iluminação
Other Titles: OFDM signal transmission over polymer optical fibers using LEDs
Keywords: OFDM;  DMT;  LED;  sistemas multiportadoras;  SI-POF;  multimodo;  IFFT;  FFT;  simetria hermitiana;  zero-padding;  OFDM;  DMT;  LED;  multicarrier systems;  SI-POF;  multimode;  IFFT;  FFT;  hermitian symmetry;  zero-padding
Issue Date: 18-Sep-2009
Abstract: This work presents the transmission of an OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex) signal through a multimode Step-Index Polymer Optical Fibre (SI-POF) using ultra brilliant LEDs which are not optimized for data applications. This modulation scheme can be an interesting alternative to increase the spectral efficiency of the system considering the low passing band of the emitters which were used. In addition, it is also an efficient mechanism to combat fiber dispersions which are dominated by intermodal phenomena. The transmissions showed in this project were based on direct modulation of the emitter and non-coherent detection with a PIN photodiode with pre-amplification. Bit rates of up to 47 Mbits/s per wavelength are shown for a 100 m link using LEDs that emit on corresponding red, green and blue spectra of visible light and with a mean passing band of 15MHz
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