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Title: AGENDA 21 LOCAL: uma avaliação da aplicação como guia para ações de responsabilidade social corporativa
Keywords: Agenda 21;  Responsabilidade social;  Ciência Pós-Normal;  Comunidade estendida de pares;  Sustentabilidade;  Agenda 21;  Social responsibility;  Post-Normal Science;  Extended peer community;  Sustainability
Issue Date: 19-Dec-2011
Abstract: This dissertation deals with the Agenda 21 action program based on a 40 chapters document - which contributed to the governments and civil society institutions of 179 countries in a preparatory process that lasted two years and culminated in the realization of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. It examines the implementation of local forums and publication of Agenda 21 municipalities in the Petrobras project area of influence. Evaluate the importance of the implementation methodology, results and its potential as a guide corporate social responsibility of business. The theoretical shows, by several authors, that for situations in which decision-making interests are complex, the facts are uncertain, values in dispute, high expectations and urgent decisions, a methodology of the field of "Post-Normal Science" - dialogue on concerns and potential, and the formulation of policies involving all those affected by the question, which form the "extended peer community" - is a strategy for solving problems in the proper pursuit of sustainability. The dissertation has proposed a Local Agenda 21 model for implementation that can serve as an alternative to companies in managing relationships with its stakeholders. For the development of research adopted the qualitative and quantitative method, with data analysis using as a strategy to approach the case study of implementing forums, construction and publication of Agenda 21 in 14 municipalities in the area of influence of the Petrochemical Complex of Rio January - COMPERJ, evaluation of implementation by the members of each local forum and potential as a guide for corporate social responsibility.
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