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Keywords: Propriedades físicas;  Velocidade da onda p;  Susceptibilidade magnética;  Espectroscopia de Mössbauer;  Cabo Frio;  Physical properties;  p-wave velocity;  Magnetic susceptibility;  Mössbauer spectroscopy;  Cabo Frio
Issue Date: 13-Feb-2012
Abstract: The combined analysis of the physical properties of sediments, such as the P-wave velocity, magnetic susceptibility, porosity and gamma-density, with geochemical properties such as Total Organic Carbon and mineralogy of sediments provides a better assessment of the processes involved, provenance and sedimentary material flow, allowing environmental changes can be defined. The physical parameters in addition to being able to quantify the distribution of space between the pores also indicate pos-depositional changes. Thus, this study aims to evaluate the interrelations between physical parameters of sedimentary sections to determine the source of the material flow along the sedimentary faces deposited on the continental shelf of Cabo Frio. In this sense, it may be noted that variations in Vp are clearly linked to the grain size, and an increase in organic content and increased water content in marine sediments. The MS values were associated with the mineral assemblage and water content of the cores. In addition, it determined that the oxidation state of the dominant was Fe3+, which directly influenced the peaks of MS. Physical properties defined in the different sections analyzed box-core, which the BCCF10-01, 04 and 09, showed an increase of fine grains, which can be related to the local hydrodynamic or increased allochthonous sediment contribution between 100 and 80 years BP. In addition, the heavy mineral assemblage indicated provenance of metamorphic rocks derived from siliciclastic metasediments, granitoids, mafic and alkaline rocks belonging to the region of Cabo Frio and surrounding areas. The highest minerals content found in BCCF10-01 and BCCF10-13, can showed the influence of flow west currents, from the Guanabara Bay and currents of the north, from the São João and Paraiba do Sul rivers as the main carriers of sedimentary particles and mineral from mud faces of the Cabo Frio Shelf.
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