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Title: Construções correlatas aditivas em perspectiva funcional
Other Titles: Construction related additive functional perspective
Keywords: Língua portuguesa;  Gramática;  Funcionalismo (Linguística);  Portuguese;  Grammar;  Functionalism (Linguistics)
Issue Date: 29-Mar-2012
Abstract: This thesis evaluates the relevance of considering the correlation as a process distinct from others (coordination and subordination), under the North-American Functional Linguistics and Construction Grammar. It is proposed that the correlation is analyzed in an additive perspective sketch of the micro, meso and macro-constructions. In methodological terms, it is applied the theoretical tools to the data of the Portuguese language from a corpus of political texts, taken from the site of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro, in 2009, that is, in our current synchrony. The approach is quantitative and qualitative, with emphasis on the latter mode. The adoption of the paradigm of grammaticalization permeates the investigation. It is possible to detect in the field of additive constructions, the existence of at least 28 microconstructions, using pre-existing elements in the language in their morphosyntactic configuration. These micro-constructional patterns can be ranked in 5 or 6 meso-constructions, which in turn are connected to a macro-constructional pattern, that is more generic, abstract and schematic. The basic constitution of the protasis is regularly the following: element of denial followed by focus. In the apodosis, in turn, there is an element of inclusion, or not followed by a reinforcement element. Thus, there is a match between restricted or denial of a negative focus (the protasis), accompanied by an inclusion, that counts or not reinforced (the apodosis). Given these considerations, the following thesis may be proved: the correlative additive constructions, in fact, have enough features that distinguish them from coordinated additive and can be outlined in a constructional perspective on three levels: macro, meso and micro-structures
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