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Title: DPCA: tensões e contradições na política de proteção da criança e adolescente em Niterói
Other Titles: DPCA: tensions and contradictions in the policy of protection of children and adolescents in Niterói
Keywords: Adolescente;  Controle social;  Niterói (RJ);  Política de proteção à infância e juventude;  Adolescents;  social control;  Niterói (RJ);  protection policy for children and youth
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2012
Abstract: This thesis discusses "relations that occur when a teenager, author of an act of infringement, is taken to a Special Police Protection DPCA . Initially, to establish such a discussion, we support on the idea of social control, considering it as, social relations which ensure the behavior conformation of individuals to a set of rules and principles in a society. Thereby we tried to understand how these ideas operate in our society, through laws and institutions whose function is to meet the legal principles and social representations of social control acts. In continuity, based on the information contained in two databases, we present an analysis about the teenagers who were "taken" from Niterói DPCA between 2006 and 2010. Therewith and the development of this thesis we conclude that DPCA can come to develop a differentiating role in the pursuit of protection of children and adolescents, but for such is necessary a politics of formation and professional qualifications aiming to annul the remnants outdated theories that materialize in prejudices, stereotypes and other ways to see, feel and react to young of the popular classes, still present in DPCA
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