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Other Titles: Hydrogeochemical characterization of the São João river basin, Silva Jardim - Rio de Janeiro.
Keywords: Hidrogeoquímica;  Análise dos Componentes Principais;  Bacia do rio São João;  Índice de Qualidade da Água;  Hydrogeochemistry;  Principal Component Analysis;  São João river basin;  Water Quality Index
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2013
Abstract: Hydrogeochemical studies based on seasonal fluctuations in the chemical composition of rivers can investigate the origin and processes that control the chemistry of water in a drainage basin. The watershed of the São João river has great importance for the Região dos Lagos, the most important tourist region of Rio de Janeiro, supplying about 700 thousand inhabitants. In order to study on the water quality and behavior of the dissolved species in the waters of the basin, a study was conducted over 14 months using statistics (Descriptive, bivariate and multivariate) to discern hydrogeochemical changes between the drought and rainfall. The water quality index showed that water is good overall, but showed fecal coliform and turbidity values of "q" well below average, making the troubling fate of its use. The pH did not show significant variations, except for within the Juturnaíba dam, which reached 8,9 in the dry season. The results showed that in the dry season, the average concentration of Al, Fe and Ba were more representative. Already in the rainy season, there is a natural dilution of the ions, while some features are being released mechanically in the destruction of geological matrices and strength because of runoff, increasing their concentrations. The trace metals are shown connected to the regional geology, presenting calcophiles geochemical associations (In, Tl, Cd and Bi) and associations representing mafic rocks (Fe, Cr, and V).
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