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Title: PRODUÇÃO E COMPARTILHAMENTO DO CONHECIMENTO NUCLEAR: A gestão do conhecimento na Divisão de Radiofármacos do Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear da Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear
Other Titles: PRODUCTION SHARING KNOWLEDGE AND NUCLEAR: Knowledge management in the Division of Radiopharmaceuticals Institute of Nuclear Engineering of the National Commission of Nuclear Energy
Keywords: Gestão do conhecimento;  Conhecimento Nuclear;  Produção e compartilhamento de conhecimento;  Knowledge management;  Nuclear Knowledge, Production and knowledge sharing
Issue Date: 1-Jan- 201
Abstract: The Brazilian nuclear area made great progress in recent years, bringing many benefits to society, not only in producing electric power, but also in agriculture, industry and medicine. One of the problems in this area, nowadays, is the risk losing nuclear knowledge. Although it is difficult to understand how knowledge is created and used, can be seen that the sharing and production are influenced by some factors that provide favorable conditions. This research focused its attention on identifying actions that contribute to the production and sharing of knowledge and information at the Divisão de Radiofármacos of Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear of Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear (IEN/CNEN). Knowledge management was chosen as a tool to study the problem identified, because it has methodologies aimed at stimulating the knowledge production process and knowledge and information sharing, both in private companies and public institutions, such as IEN/CNEN. Knowledge management is an interdisciplinary relatively new discipline, and although it had not been born in Information Science, there has been seeking theoretical support and legitimacy at this interdisciplinary science. This research conceptualizes, historically contextualizes and analyzes developments and trends in knowledge management. The study discourses on the peculiarities and aspects in common between the knowledge management and information management and identifies factors that influence the sharing of information and knowledge such as: social networks, communities of practice, collaborative spaces, organizational culture, organizational learning, and storytelling. In reviewing the literature and after data analysis of interviews, some actions have been identified, and it was possible to make some suggestions. It is concluded that institutional incentive for collaboration and knowledge sharing can influence positive results and increase the production of new knowledge
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