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Title: O papel do marketing no desenvolvimento sustentável - um estudo de caso sobre a contribuição da gestão de marketing na orientação para o desenvolvimetno sustentável em empresas brasileiras
Keywords: Desenvolvimento sustentável;  Sustentabilidade;  Gestão;  Marketing;  Sustainability;  Management
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2005
Abstract: There are many reasons such as the population growth, the natural resources exhaustion and the consumption expansion to believe that companies have to think its marketing strategy in a different way. To show what s the marketing function in the sustainable development is the goal of this dissertation. So the theory, the principles and the marketing function were reviewed to conceptualize them. Case studies of nine Brazilian companies and how they use their marketing areas in its sustainable development orientation were also included. As a result, this work identified that the marketing area has a more important paper than just disclose social and environment projects. It might help in the products development process, in the interface between production and consumption, promoting a more conscious consumption and in the communication strategy with the stakeholders. After finishing the field research, the conclusion was that the Brazilian companies use the marketing management only to disclose social and environment projects, although they already have sustainable development orientation.
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