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Title: Passado, Presente: crítica cinematográfica e questões historiográficas no cinema da retomada (1995-2003)
Other Titles: Past, Present: film criticism and historiographical issues in film the retaking (1995-2003)
Keywords: Cinema brasileiro;  Cinema brasileiro;  história e crítica;  Brazilian Cinema, Brazilian cinema, history and criticism
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2013
Abstract: This tesis intends to inquire the ways through which the films produced in Brazil from 1995 to 2003 the so-called "Cinema of Retomada" period have been examined by film criticism and, therefore, the axiologic locus it has been put in the Brasilian Film History. In order to proceed with such task, it is furnished a historical approach of film criticism in Brasil, the financial, social and intelectual contexts in whish it has been produced, followed by an exam on its influence on the building of the canonical history of Brazilian Cinema, which, by its time is examined and put into question. Established the basis for questioning the vicissitudes of criticism towards the Cinema of Retomada, This work aims to review its critical status of the "Cinema of Retomada", with a particular atention to the recurrent tendency of comparing it with the Cinema Novo, often without any contextualization; to the role that violence, social marginalization and regimes of (non)visibility used to play in such cinematograhy
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