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Keywords: TI;  Medidas de Desempenho;  Valor;  Contribuição;  IT;  Performance Measurements;  Value;  Contribution
Issue Date: 10-May-2004
Abstract: Technology evolution drives the use of IT, moving internal use focus (processes) to external use focus (competitiveness). In internal use focus, IT is seen as a cost reduction tool, what leads IT department to be seen as an Cost Center. At this moment, IT is beeing used as an business tool, but culture about IT business contribution and IT measurements processes, remain mostly, as if we were using it only internaly. This study s objective is to identify historical evolution of IT organizations performance indicators, compare it to organizational needs, identify the gaps, and try to stablish the non existance of IT departments wide performance measurement systems, and by the end, propose an initial set of IT performance indicators. This study was developed throwh hypothesis stablishment, bibliografic research and interviews that would address hypothesis, generating the needed knowledge base to develop the IT organization s set of performance indicators. Main sources were bibliografic researchs (Kaplan e Norton, Richardson, Tallon, Venenkatraman), papers, Foundations (Fundação para o Premio Nacional da Qualidade, CIO Magazine) and Institutes documents, Internet researchs and consulting firms and research institutes documents. Results achieved were the evidence of non existance of structured IT performance indicators, that attend organization s need to prove IT business contribution, the hypothesis test and the development of initial IT performance indicators proposal.
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