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Title: Perspectivas neobarrocas em Eu hei-de amar uma pedra, de António Lobo Antunes
Other Titles: António Lobo Antunes, 1942-. I will love a stone; Baroque; Neo-Baroque; Portuguese fiction; Music
Keywords: Antunes, António Lobo, 1942-. Eu hei-de amar uma pedra;  Barroco;  Neobarroco;  Ficção portuguesa;  Música;  António Lobo Antunes, 1942-. I will love a stone;  Baroque;  Neo-Baroque;  Portuguese fiction;  Music
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2013
Abstract: The objective of this work is to approach some language features and effects present in the narrative structure of I have to love a stone, to elements that make the neo-baroque speech in order to reveal certain correspondences that makes a space representation of guiding ideas of the contemporary thought, regardless of the historical markers related to the XVII Century. Published in 2004, the seventeenth novel by Portuguese writer António Lobo Antunes (1942), the basis of this thesis, interweaves times and voices to a fictional universe that also aims to link to the procedure of baroque music s construction, interconnecting devices structural that show some similarity to the composition of both artistic expressions.
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