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Title: Fluxos internacionais da comunicação: a circulação de formatos televisivos franqueados na América Latina
Keywords: Televisão;  Comunicação internacional;  Franquia;  America Latina
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2013
Abstract: The end of the Cold War and the liberalization of television market, marked by the privatization of state owned broadcasting companies and the development of transnational conglomerates, transformed television flows and created demand for new television products. In this period, the commercialization of franchised television formats increased, including the sale of ideas and concepts of programs, marketing and schedule strategies, and the licensing of products. Understanding that franchised formats purchase and sales increased in last decades in Latin America, this research analyzed television flows in the region, as well as similarities and differences between Latin American markets. This analysis showed the new configuration of the international television programs market, the internationalization of the main companies and the importance of trade between them, the social and economic structure of these countries, the television history and the commercialization of the main broadcasters. The qualitative methodology included a multiple case research, literature review, in-depth interviews with professionals involved in the television market and schedule analysis with the aim of verifying the importance of formats in the main broadcasting companies compared to the presence of imported programs and national programs
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