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Title: Banco de dados para pesquisa sobre efeitos biológicos causados pela radiação eletromagnética na faixa da telefonia celular
Keywords: Efeitos biológicos;  Campo eletromagnético;  Radiação não ionizante;  Sistema móvel celular;  Comunicações móveis;  Banco de dados;  Biological effects;  Electromagnetic field;  Nonionizing radiation;  Mobile phone system;  Mobile communications;  Database;  Sistemas de comunicação móvel;  Radiação não-ionizante;  Telefonia celular;  Base de dados;  Avaliação de risco à saúde humana
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2011
Abstract: This dissertation deals with the description of a database for research on biological effects due to electromagnetic radiation in the cellular telephone frequency range. This database covers the period from 1994 to 2011 with more than 650 scientific studies conducted by researchers from 45 countries. These studies were analyzed and classified based on several criteria: the addressed medical theme, the biological structure investigated, the biological model used ( in vivo or in vitro ), the operation frequency and the cell phone technology. The motivation for this work was the growing concern inside both the society and the academic community on this subject. It is hoped that the database provides a tool for accelerating the search for technical and scientific papers published in the international literature.
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